Reading about journals

Dialogue Journals by Kreeft Peyton

Writing Strategy: Dialogue Journals

Meaningful Prompts for Journals

Effects of Dialogue Journals on ESL Students by Tanner

“Journals in the language classroom” by Baxter, S. English Forum 2009 (4) 22-26
English Forum 2009

“Task journals with independent readers” by E. Bray. English Forum, July 2002, 6-11.
English Forum 2002 July
This article links using journals with an extensive reading program. Interesting how reading and writing come together here!

Harmer, J. How to teach writing. Chapter 8 is about using journals

Reid, J. Teaching ESL writing. There is lots here about using journals. This book is on reserve in the TWU library. See pages 161-167, 183-4