Journal Topics 2015

Journal Topics

1. 2-3 paragraphs. Introduce yourself—Who are you? What do you like to do? Give interesting information. Tell what classes you are taking. Which ones do you like? Which ones are interesting to you? Why? Tell what you have been doing this school year. How have things been? Anything new? surprising? discouraging? Ask at least 5 questions to your new pen pals.

2. Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival -Write about what you did over the holiday? Where did you travel to? What did you do? Who did you see? What different kinds of foods did you have? Did you get any red packets? Will you save this money for University? Has your journal partner ever experienced Chinese New Year?

3. Post Secondary Goals -What country do you want to go to after highschool? What Universities have you applied for? What Universities have you been accepted at? What do you think University or College will be like next year? What do you want to major in?
Are you excited? What Universities and Colleges has your journal partner attended? Where?

4. Future Careers - As Grade 12's you are starting to know which subjects you like the most. This may give you a clue into some future prospective careers. What careers do you think you would like to do when you are finished College or University? What careers do your journal partners want to have?

5. Friendship -Many of our Grade 12's have been at our school for over four years. What friends have you made? Will you stay in touch with them through out University? Will you see them in Canada or the United States or maybe back in China/Taiwan/Korea/Malaysia? How does this make you feel? How have your journal partners been able to stay in touch with old friends?

6. Novels - We are currently reading the Great Gatsby in class. It talks about wealth, love and friendship. What do you like the best about the novel? Do you think that you will ever fall in love? Does your journal partner have a favorite novel or author? Which one? Written by whom?

7. Sports -At our school sports is very important. What is your favorite sport? How long have you been playing it? What is your favorite part of playing? Will you try and play next year at College or University? Does your journal partner have a favorite sport? Do they play on any College or University team?

8. Clubs -Extra curricular activities are very important. What clubs here at the school are you involved in? Why do you like them? Have you made some new friends because of the Clubs? What clubs would you like to join at College or University? Art Club, Photography Club, Mandarin Club, Environmental Club, Model UN Club, Amnesty International Club, Running Club, Sports Clubs? Is your journal partner involved in any clubs at thier school? Which ones? Have they met any interesting people through thier clubs?