Journal Pairs

Journal Pairs

Hello grade 10 students and Ling 420 students!!!

For your journal pairs, you need to go to the Forum page and find your journal pair at the bottom of the page!!!
Forum Page

Hope you enjoy writing to each other!

Your two teachers: Louise and Mr. Cooper

This is the website for students of Ling 420
and for their student partners in grade 10

You need to be a wikidot member in order to access this site, and you need to be a member of this site in order to use it.

When you sign up, please invent an "online name" and then let your teacher know what your "online name" is (so we don't partner you with someone in your own class!).

If you are in Ling 420, take a look at some of the ideas on this page Feedback Ideas to help you respond to your student partner

If you are one of the gr. 11 students, then look at the page Journal Topics to see what your teacher would like you to write about!





Special thanks to Rob and James (members of the wikidot community) for helping set this site up!