Welcome to Ling 420

Welcome to Ling 420

This is the website for students of Ling 420

and for their partners in grade 10!

You need to be a wikidot member in order to access this site, and you need to be a member of this site in order to use it.

High school students: When you sign up, please use your "online name"

Ling 420 students: When you sign up, please use your first name and last initial only

Louise aka greenwriting//

Voice of America Special English
This is a great site with good resources for English Language Learners

BBC Learning English
Another good site to find great things for English Language Learners to read

Dave's ESL cafe for students
This is a fun site for English Language Learners to write to other English students and to also get answers to their grammar and vocabulary questions. click on site home for more things to do.

ESOL Extras
This site has free downloads of ESL books. There are some pre-reading helps and glossaries

365 ESL/EFL Stories
This site has an ESL story for every day of the year.

This is the CBS site for ESL learners. Lots of great resources

CBC Manitoba Learning English site
Here is the Manitoba CBC radio/TV site with materials for ESL learners

If you are into web design or just a little into wiki sites, go ahead and create your new page on this site. You can upload files, photos, quotes, and tell us a bit about yourself…. There is help in the wiki documentation site. You are now a wikidot member and can make up to 20 of your own wiki sites! How cool is that!

If you do create your own page on this site, send me a message in the comments box with the EXACT NAME of your new page, including capitals and spaces so I can link you page to the site (wiki pages can get lost in cyberspace very easily).

As for us, we will do our dialogue journals on the paired journal pages. Once these are set up, you will be able to upload a small profile picture of yourself, your favourite quotation, your hobbies and a bit of a biography.

Thanks for signing up. Once I have all the students signed in, I'll work on putting you into Journal Pairs and setting up privacy settings.

See my other site: greenwiting.wikidot.com

English Teaching Forum Magazine
The US Dept of State for some reasons publishes a terrific FREE magazine with great teaching tips for ESL/EFL teachers.
Go ahead and read some of their past issues online. Lots to learn. And Easy to READ!

A free resource with webinars and lesson plans. Lots on teaching immigrants / LINC programs in Canada. You need to JOIN, but it is free to become a member.

Starfall ESL Reading Resources for Children Starfall has phonics resources, stories, poetry and other reading texts for children and/or adult ESL learners

Time for Kids Time Magazine has online resources for K-6. Articles, home work help, interactive materials.

Bow Valley College ESL Literacy Readers
There are full text literacy readers and other resources for literacy learners

Bow Valley College Reading and Writing Outcomes
Here are a number of pdf documents giving goals and objectives for ESL learners in the areas of reading and writing. These are linked to CLBenchmarks.

The Westcoast Reader
The Westcoast Reader is a great magazines for newcomers to Canada. These are the newest articles. These are for higher level students than the articles in Best of the Reader (see below)

The Best Articles from the Westcoast Reader
This site has full length articles available online from the archives of the Westcoast Reader. These are arranged in downloadable ebooks, each one covers a specific theme.

The Canadian Immigrant Magazine
Here is a great online resource for immigrants to Canada and for ESL teachers. Works well with ELSA level five and up. You can read online or pick up paper copies to use in your classrooms.

Canadian Newcomer Magazine
Longer stories for newcomers to Canada

The Internet TESL Journal
A very helpful FREE journal for ESL teachers

The Language Teacher
The JALT Journal, The Language Teacher is published by EFL teachers in Japan. A great source of ideas, techniques, and theory. You'll love it!

Dave's ESL Cafe
This page is a "grab bag" of teaching techniques. There is a whole page just for ideas of teaching reading and one for ideas for teaching writing.

Reading in a Foreign Language
This is an interesting journals for reading teachers. Find some articles by some of the big names in ESL reading!

TESL Canada Journal
This is a more academic journal on the "how" and "why" of ESL teaching

Journal of Second Language Writing
This is a more academic journal, but has some terrific articles if you aspire to be a writing teacher! BUT, you need to sign into the TWU library to access this journal. Go for it!

ELSA programs in BC

Special thanks to Rob and James (members of the wikidot community) for helping set this site up!

Mr Bean Video Clips

Mr Bean Worksheets

BBC English Teaching Resources

Learn English with CBC

News In Levels

Breaking News English

English Express
Simple articles from an Alberta newspaper like the Westcoast Reader

ESL Online Community in Manitoba

QA for New Immigrants Burnaby BC

Law Related ESL Lessons and Readings

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